Navratan Dal

Navratan dal gets it name from the nine lentils that are used to prepare it. Learn how to make navratan daal. Ingredients: 1 tblsp toor dal 1 tblsp urad dal 1 tblsp mah ki dal 1 tblsp dhuli moong dal 1 tblsp chhilka moong dal 1 tblsp chana dal 1 tblsp sabut masoor dal 1 … [Read more...]

Indian Handi Dal

Learn how to make handi dal. Handi is a traditional utensil used for cooking various curries and daals. Ingredients: 1 cup mah ki dal (Whole Urad Dal) 1/2 cup chana dal Water for cooking dals 1 tblsp ghee 2 whole red chilies 10 cloves of garlic, chopped 1 large onion, … [Read more...]

Indian Dal Radish

Enjoy Indian Dal radish recipe with rice made by cooking radish with toovar dal. Learn how to make dal radish. Ingredients: 1 cup toovar dal (soaked in water for one hour) 2 radishes 1 large tomato 1 large onion 1 tblsp sambhar powder 1 tsp jaggery 2 tblsp finely grated … [Read more...]

Dal Makhani Punjabi

Dal makhani Punjabi is made by cooking soaked gram and kidney with ginger, onion and tomato and frying it with cumin seeds and adding curd and cream. Ingredients: 1 cup whole black gram 1 tbsp gram dal 1 tbsp kidney beans 1 onion 1 ginger 4 green chillies 1 tomato 1/2 … [Read more...]

Masala Daal With Coconut

Masala daal with coconut is made by cooking boiled dal with a paste of spices and then adding fried hind, mustard and curry leaves. Learn how to make this special dal with real Indian taste. Ingredients: 1 cup toor dhal or moong daalFor The Masala (to be ground to a fine … [Read more...]

Moong Dal With Potatoes

This dish is simple and healthy with great taste. Learn how to make moong dal with potatoes. Ingredients: 1 cup cooked moong dal 2-3 boiled medium size potatoes 2-3 medium tomatoes 4-5 nos. green chillies half inch piece grated ginger few sprigs of curry leaves few sprigs … [Read more...]

Masala Dal

Here is a simple recipe for masala dal. It is called masala dal because of the tadka that is used with this dal. It is spicy and served in dhabas. Ingredients: 1/2 cup dhuli moong dal 1/2 cup tuwar dal 1/2 cup kali mah kid al 1/2 cup masoor dal 4 cup water 2 onions 2 tsp … [Read more...]

Whole Urad Dal

Learn how to make this magnificent Indian whole urad dal by cooking boiled rajma, ural dal and gram dal with spices and a blend of other ingredients. Try this whole urad dal with red kidney beans recipe. Ingredients: 1 teacup whole urad dal 1 tblsp gram dal 1 tblsp rajma 1 … [Read more...]

Masala Masoor Dal

Making yummy masala masoor dal is easy, just by cooking dal with fried paste of spices and onion. Learn how to make masala masoor dal for culinary delight. Ingredients: 1 teacup masoor (whole) 2 sliced onions 2 large chopped tomatoes 7 or 8 small whole onions 4 tblsp … [Read more...]

Tuvar Dal

Make simple and easy tuvar dal by cooking it with tomatoes, onion and seasoning it with fried mustard seeds and asafoetida. Learn how to make tuvar dal. Ingredients: 3 medium size tomatoes 4 green chilies 1/2 medium size sliced onion 1 cup toor dhal (yellow split peas) a … [Read more...]