Biological Name:
Pimenta officinalis

Other Names:
English – Jamaica pepper or Pimento or Newspice


Allspice is un-ripened fruit of the tree Pimenta Dioica. This tree is evergreen. The tree produces pea-sized berries. These berries are dried and further used. Dried allspice is red-brown in color. Allspice is strongly aromatic and has cinnamon like flavor. Jamaica is the main exporter of allspice producing excellent quality of allspice with a very high content of oil in it.


1) Kitchen Use
Allspice is used in pickle, vegetables, roasts, pastries, gravies, meat, seasonings, sauces, curry, sausages, ketchup, jams, stews, sauces, fish, cheese, hams and baked goods. It is used for making Caribbean, Indian, Mexican and English dishes.

2) Medicinal use

a) Allspice is used as local and very temporary anesthesia.
b) Allspice is used as remedy for the following few problems:

Aching muscles and joints:
Apply allspice oil (mix 20-25 drops of allspice essential oil with one ounce of base oil)

Take 2-4 cups a day of allspice tea (boil 1 ounce of water and combine 1 tsp of dried powdered allspice to it. Let it steep for 10 minutes)

Gas or indigestion:
Take allspice tea.

Sore throats, stomach disorder and severe colds:
Dried bark of allspice tree is used in treating the above problems.