Besan Ka Churma

Enjoy this delicious, tempting very popular Rajasthani sweet recipe of besan ka churma. Learn how to make besan ka churma.


2 cup gram flour (besan)

250 gm thickened milk (mawa)

1 cup clarified butter (ghee)

200 gm sugar powder (boora)

½ tsp green cardamom (elaichi) powder

15-16 almond (badam)

How to make Besan Ka Churma:

  • Fry mawa in a pan till it becomes light brown.
  • Cut badam finely and keep aside for later use.
  • Mix 2 tbsp ghee in besan flour.
  • Knead into little hard dough with the help of water.
  • Then make big rolls of the dough and press each roll with a thumb in the centre.
  • Cook these in a preheated oven (tandoor).
  • Turn on both sides.
  • Cook at high flame for 5 minutes and then at low flame until they turn brown.
  • Take them out and crush them.
  • Strain it using a sieve.
  • Then add bura, mawa, ghee and elaichi in it and mix well with both the hands.
  • Top it with badam.
  • Serve it with baati and dal.