Choco Nut Ice Cream

Enjoy this creamy choco nut ice cream. Learn how to make homemade choco nut icecream.


1 cup milk
6 egg whites
3 cups cream
7 tbsps powdered sugar
1/2 slab chocolate or 2 tbsps cocoa
2 tsp vanilla essence


How to make Choco Nut Ice Cream:
  • Whisk egg whites till stiff.
  • Add sugar in small quantity and blend it till it becomes fluffy.
  • Simmer milk and cocoa over slow heat.
  • Keep stirring the mixture till it condenses and remove from heat.
  • Whip cream l and add to the milk mixture along with sugar and egg whites.
  • Add essence and stir gently.
  • Refrigerate mixture until firm.
  • Defreeze, beat well, garnish with almonds and freeze till set.