Gosht Nu Buffat

Smack your lips with the pleasurable taste of meat with a combination of spices with potatoes,greenpeas, boiled eggs and vinegar. Learn how to make gosht nu buffat.


1 kg fatty lamb (cut in pieces)
1/2 kg small whole onions
1 large carrot
1 tsp salt

Grind Together In 4 Oz Vinegar
1 grated coconut
1 large piece ginger
1 pod garlic
6 green chillies
6 dry (goa) red chillies
2 tsp cummin seeds
1 tsp corriander seeds
10 almonds
8 cardamoms
9 cloves
2 sticks cinnamon
1 tsp turmeric
1 kg sliced onions
1/2 kg boiled potatoes
1/2 kg boiled greenpeas
2 oz vinegar
3-4 hard-boiled eggs, for garnish


How to make Gosht Nu Buffat:
  • Boil the first four ingredients, cooking till tender, then mash up the vegetables.
  • Add a little water. Fry the sliced onions till crisp & golden, dry them & then crush them finely.
  • Add this to the meat stew and mix well.
  • Fry the ground masala(the ingredients ground in the vinegar) for a few minutes separately, then add to the stew.
  • Then add in the potatoes, greenpeas & vinegar.
  • Mix well and simmer on a slow fire till well blended, (about 15 mins.)
  • Serve the Gosht Nu Buffat hot.