Ice Cream Cocktail

Here is a simple and easy recipe for ice cream cocktail with fruits. Learn how to make homemade icecream cocktail with fruits.


1 cup pista ice cream
1 cup vanilla ice cream
1 cup strawberry ice cream
1 cup thick cream
1 tin mixed fruit
1 packet strawberry jelly
1/2 cup chopped nuts


How to make Ice Cream Cocktail:
  • Take a translucent dish.
  • Place layer of mixed fruit as base and chill.
  • Prepare jelly as per directions on pack and when set arrange over the mixed fruit.
  • Place a layer of vanilla ice cream over the jelly.
  • On top of it put a layer of strawberry ice cream and finally cover it up with a layer of pista ice cream.
  • Serve decked with whipped cream and chopped nuts.