Litchi Squash

For refreshing taste learn how to make litchi squash by using litchi, sugar, potassium metabisulphite and citric acid. Try this amazing Litchi squash recipe.


1 litre litchi juice
1.5 kg sugar
600 ml water
2.2 gms potassium metabisulphite
30 gms citric acid


How to make Litchi Squash:
  • Add sugar with citric acid to 600 ml of water and boil.
  • Cool and filter through a muslin cloth and add some litchi essence.
  • Add the fruit juice to the syrup while stirring slowly.
  • Pass the solution again through a fine piece of muslin and add a drop of yellow colour.
  • Dissolve potassium metabisulphate in a small quantity of the juice and add to the rest.
  • Fill the juice in clean dry bottles.
  • Close the bottles with a cork which has been dipped in molten wax to make the bottle airtight.
  • For use dilute the squash times with chilled water and crushed ice.