Mango And Yoghurt Cheese Cake

Learn how to make mango and yogurt cheese cake.


250 gms yoghurt
30 gms kwark cheese
40 gms cottage cheese grated
250 gms gelatine
50 ml water
50 ml orange juice
20 gms castor sugar
200gms whipped cream
100 gms sponge cake


How to make Mango And Yoghurt Cheese Cake:
  • melt the gelatine with warm water.
  • heat the mango puree with the orange juice slightly to incorporate the gelatine.
  • cook the above.
  • add whipped yoghurt, cheese, sugar and cream.
  • fold this with the mango mixture.
  • layer the above with sponge, chill till set.
  • garnish with the fresh mango and serve.