Mango Poha

Enjoy the yummy taste of mango with the blend of coconut, jaggery and cardamom in poha. Learm how to make mango poha using mango with beaten rice recipe.


4 Rasthal mangoes (known as juice mangoes)
1 large Coconut
3/4 cup Jaggery powder or to taste
1/2 tsp Cardamom powder
1 cup Beaten rice (Aval, Poha) of medium thickness


How to make Mango Poha:
  • Squeeze the juice from rasthal mangoes and strain through a soup strainer to remove the fibres (Do not add water).
  • Extract 1-11/2 cups milk from coconut.
  • Dissolve jaggery in it.
  • Add the mango juice and cardamom powder.
  • Just before serving, soak beaten rice in water for 2 minutes.
  • Squeeze gently and add to the rasayan.
  • Mix and serve immediately (If Rasthal is not available, any good mango can be liquidised in a mixie and used.)