Mohan Burfi

Enjoy the tantalizing taste of Mohan Burfi made of besan, ghee and milk garnished with dry fruits. Learn how to make Mohan burfy.


3 cups of sugar
1 cup besan
1 cup ghee
1 cup milk
4 cardamoms
dry fruits like grapes,cashew etc


How to make Mohan Burfi:
  • Take heavy bottomed fryingpan or kadai.
  • First put besan and then add milk, ghee and keep stirring, so that no lumps are formed.
  • Then add sugar to the mixture and keep on stirring it.
  • Now put the powdered cardamoms into the mixture.
  • The mixture should be kept on stirring till it becomes ready to spread it on a flat surface(flat,round plate).
  • Put the dry fruits for decoration before it is cooled.
  • Let it cool for sometime. Once it is cooled cut them into equal triangle shapes and serve the delicious sweet to your dear ones.