Prawn Salad

Here is a very innovative and tempting recipe for prawn salad. The prawns are marinated and then deep fried and served on the bed of corn olive salad.


500 gm prawns

For The Marinade

1/2 tsp pepper crushed
2 tbsp lime juice
1 tsp mustard paste
2 tbsp oil
salt to taste

For The Coating

1 egg beaten
1/4 cup cornflour
1/2 cup coconut (desiccated)
oil for deep frying

For The Corn Olive Salad

1/2 cup shelled corn
8-10 black olives
3-4 cherry tomatoes
pepper powder to taste
1 tsp lime juice
1/2 tsp chaat masala
1 mint leaf
salt to taste

How to make Prawn Salad:

  • Clean the prawns, shell, devol and marinate. Keep aside for 2 minutes.
  • Coat with egg, cornflour, breadcrumbs and coconut and deep fy until they becom golden brown.
  • To prepare the salad, toss all ingredients together and serve chilled along with the prawns.
  • Garnish appropriately and serve.