Sabudana Vada

Make sabudana vada by frying the balls made by grinding the mixture of cooked vegetables with spices. Learn how to make sabudana vada.


100gms carrot
100gms cabbage
half grated coconut
100gms cashewnut or groundnut or dalia split(pottukadali)
8 green chilli
1tsp poppy seeds
fennel seeds
very little cloves
250gms oil


How to make Sabudana Vada:
  • Cut carrot, cabbage&onion into very thin small pieces.
  • Slit greenchilli into two.
  • Heat oil in a pan &season it with fennelseeds, cloves, cinnamon & poppy seeds.
  • Then add onions,G.Chilly fry until it turns into slight brown.
  • Then add the cut vegetables and turmeric powder.
  • Cover it with a lid. After 5 minutes add the cut nuts & grated coconut.
  • Mix well &remove it from fire.
  • Then grind this mixture without adding water
  • Make them into round balls & fry it.
  • Serve it with Coconut chutney.