Strawberry Ice Cream

Learn how to make strawberry ice cream dessert. Here is a recipe for strawberry icecream with sauce.


150 gms sugar
250 gms fresh cream
2 tsp strawberry essence
150 ml water
Strawberry colour
5 eggs
For sauce:
1/2 tin strawberries
2 tbsps icing sugar
2 tbsps lemon juice


How to make Strawberry Ice Cream:
  • Mix sugar and water and heat it till sugar dissolves.
  • After the mixture turns thick remove from fire and cool.
  • Whisk egg whites till stiff and fold into the cream.
  • Put this to the sugar mixture.
  • Add vanilla essence and colour.
  • Chill until half set.
  • Defreeze and beat again and refrigerate.
  • Serve with sauce.
  • For Sauce
    • Put strawberries in the mixture and blend till strawberries form a puree.
    • Add icing sugar and lemon juice in the puree.
    • Blend well and serve with ice cream.