Taamota Per Eeda

Taamota Per Eeda uses eggs, tomato, jaggery and spices. Learn how to make Parsi eggs in tomato sauce.


1 kg ripe tomatoes
1 tsp salt

Grind Together
l/2 tsp cummin seed
8 cloves garlic
1 piece ginger
4 green chillies
9 dried red small chillies
2 sliced fine medium onions
4 tblsp jaggery
8 tblsp ghee or oil
4 eggs


How to make Taamota Per Eeda:
  • Skin the tomatoes and chop them finely. or liquidize them.
  • Slice the onions finely and fry light brown.
  • Add the ground masala and salt and cook for a while.
  • Then the tomatoes till the ingredients are blended together.
  • Add the jaggery and carry on cooking on a low fire till the juice is dry.
  • Remove and place in an ovenproof dish. Separate the eggs and beat the whites well.
  • Add the yolks and beat. Pour the eggs onto the tomatoes and place in preheated oven gas no 5 (400″F).
  • When the eggs are firm to the touch, remove and serve with bread.