Ghee Rice

2 -1/2 cup basmati rice (chawal)
few sambar onion (pyaj) sliced
4 green cardamom (chhoti elaichi)
4 clove (lavang)
3 -4 of 1″ long. sticks cinnamon (tuj/dalchini)
1/4 cup ghee
salt (namak) to taste
4 cup water

For Garnishing:
3 – 4 tblsp coriander leaves (dhania patta) chopped
1 large onion (pyaj) finely sliced and fried crisp
2 slices bread cut into cubes and fried
8-10 cashewnut (kaju) broken up and fried brown

How to make Ghee Rice:
  • Wash rice, drain and then fry for 3-5 minutes on low heat up in 2 tblsp of ghee and keep aside.
  • In a pot mix in the whole spices and fry till they crackle, now mix in the finely slice onions and fry till little pink in colour.
  • Take a pan and mix in the fried rice, salt , 4 cup water, fried spices and onions and put the cover it.
  • When the rice is cooked leave it to stand for about 10 mins and then remove the rice into a large servng dish and fluff with a fork.
  • Decorate with fried onions, bread pieces and cashew nuts.