Stuffed Pancakes


1 cup Refined Flour (Atta)
2 Egg
As required Salt (Namak)
1 tblsp Sugar (Cheeni)
1 cup grated Coconut (Nariyal)
1/2 cup finely chopped Jaggery (Gud)
5 Cardamoms
10 broken Cashewnut (Kaju)
1 tblsp Ghee
1 tblsp Refined Oil

How to make Stuffed Pancakes:
  • To make the pancake:
  • Make a batter with the refined flour, eggs, salt, sugar and water in a basin.
  • The batter should be of pouring consistency.
  • It should neither be too thick nor too thin.
  • Add a few drops of oil in a non stick pan and pour one laddle of the batter.
  • Cook on one side over a medium flame.
  • Remove the pancake and keep aside (do not brown the pancake, it should be very lightly coloured).
  • Use the remaining batter in the same way.
  • Remove the pancakes from the nonstick pan with the help of a wooden spoon.
  • To make the filling :
  • Heat the ghee in a pan and add the grated coconut, jaggery and broken cashew nuts and cook for 5 minutes over a low flame stirring continuously.
  • Once the jaggery has partly dissoved, remove from fire and sprinkle the crushed cardamoms (the mixture should be dry).
  • Keep aside.
  • To complete the dish :
  • Place a little of the filling on the middle of the pancake in such a way that the filling divides the pancake in two.
  • Roll the pancake with the filling (it should look like a spring roll).